About Tel Hai Tech:

The Tel-Hai College of Technology for Engineering, Communication and Design is a unique leading enterprise, which brings technological excellence as well as social and economic change to the Israeli society and the upper Galilee.


"The Tel-Hai Center for Higher education” in memory of Gertrud and Moris Rodman company ltd. was founded in the year 1972 and is known today as Tel-Hai College of Technology for Engineering, Communication and Design. The college is a company for the public benefit and its stocks are held by The United Jewish Appeal and the Jewish Agency.


A leading institute on the northern border of Israel The Tel-Hai College of Technology is located in the Galilee Panhandle, on the slopes of the Naftali mountains, at the feet of the roaring lion, observing the Hula valley, the Naftali mountains and the Hermon, in the heart of an area that brings together tourism, vacation, nature reserve and scenery. The inspiring scenery of snow-capped Mount Hermon and the lush Galilee hills and valleys render the campus a breathtaking place of study, while instilling in its leaders and students an enhanced environmental consciousness. Official recognition as a "Green Campus” is just the starting point for a myriad of sustainability projects, placing the College at the forefront of environmental awareness in higher education in Israel.


21st Century Zionism The early Twentieth century Zionist settlement of Tel Hai became legendary after the resolute and heroic stand of its small group of Jewish settlers against hostile Arab attacks. Tel-Hai College, embodying Zionism in the 21st century, renews the literal meaning of its name, "Hill of Life”, as thousands of Israelis – Jewish and Arab, attend the College on this historic site, gaining lifelong knowledge and skills in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect. The spirit of pioneering remains alive and prominent in the College’s ongoing commitment to the region and its people.


Leadership and social and ecological responsibility The coming year is a year of change and formation in the Israeli society. Tel-Hai College of Technology continues to encourage leadership and social responsibility among its students and staff. This vision is implemented in a variety of volunteer programs operated by the college, and numerous social and ecological projects that are integrated in all its courses. Students, lecturers and management are devoted to a variety of community activities in fields such as education, preservation and green activity, out of a deep commitment for the preservation of the biggest green lung in Israel – the Upper Galilee. We believe that such activities nourish active student leadership and increase awareness among children and adults.


Community involvement and environmental preservation 65% of our students are residents of Kiryat-Shemone and the surrounding settlements, whose contribution to the industrial development and the services around the area is highly significant. The variety of community activities operated by the college is a result of the vision of its leaders and partners, who see in the college a leading engine in the promoting of technological education, and bridging the gaps between the center of Israel and its periphery. The Students of Tel-Hai College of Technology are involved in a myriad of activities in the regions communities and contribute to social, economic and environmental changes. One can often see a student village located inside a neighborhood that was known as a troubled neighborhood prior to the students’ arrival. In other places the students operate to spur communal volunteer work in favor of changes in repeated patterns and daily activity.


Studies and technological activities in courses of design and engineering along studies in the course of communication The Tel-Hai College of Technology is one of the ten leading technological colleges in Israel. The college trains practical engineers in a variety of technological professions for over 3 decades. Our thousands of graduates hold key positions in the industry and in services all throughout the country, and serve the best testament to our wide technological, social and educational achievements. The Tel-Hai College of Technology has invested much effort in order to achieve its reputation and is determined to maintain its position as one of the leading institutes for technological education in Israel. This includes further technological development of the college such as the opening of new technological courses, development of new challenging programs and significantly increasing its funding by finding partners who see the college's role as a part of the national mission of Israel to develop the periphery and the Upper Galilee. The collection of courses in the divisions of engineering, design and communication were carefully chosen and designed and include many fields, in which the graduates receive a Practical Engineer Diploma.


Engineering division Mechanics computer manufacture systems specialization | Mechanics vehicle specialization | Industry and management | Software internet and communication networks specialization | Electricity | Food and chocolate Chemistry


Design division Architecture and interior design | Civil engineering | Landscape architecture | the integrated course for construction and architecture


Communication division Film and Television | Animation | Photography and digital media


The Tel-Hai Technological College has become a center of instruction and research and one of the ten leading colleges in educational achievements and in high-level final projects.


Promoting Technological education in the Upper Galilee Tel-Hai College of Technology views the technological education in the Upper Galilee, as a crucial component that promotes accessibility and excellence and at the same time provides a profession and increases the individuals sense of regional responsibility.


One of our projects is establishing a technological youth center, where we can provide accessibility to technological and professional education. The main aim of the project is to support the national effort to promote technological education from an early stage.



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