Tel Hai College of Technology was founded in 1972 as a public benefit called "Education

Center at Tel Hai". The college is PBC whose shares are held by the UJA and the Jewish Agency.

Technological College of Tel Hai, one of the oldest in the State of Israel, has 120 employees, including 20 administrators and 100 teachers and 750 students.


The Technological College is located in Tel Hai on the front line, about two kilometers from the border with Lebanon. The college overlooks the slopes of the Naftali Mountains at the foot of the roaring lion statue, overlooks the Hula Valley, Naftali and the Hermon Mountains, in the heart of an area that combines tourism and leisure, nature reserves and landscape. Serenity and unique atmosphere creates a unique campus, which is an ideal setting to study technology.


Technological College of Tel Hai is one of the top five technological colleges. A high percentage of school leavers perform high level of finishing works projects and a high percentage of graduate diplomas. The college trains engineers in a wide range of technological subjects for more than three decades. There are Thousands of graduates, who fill key positions in industry and services all over the country.


The College is a magnet for students from all over the country in various technological trends, economic, and media offered by it, the personal attention, the scenery and the

unique atmosphere add to all these.



School of Film, Television and Animation at Tel Hai has been operating for 25 years and has become, many years of doing it, one of the top schools in the country, thanks to the integration of diverse populations, products of its graduates and values of excellence and professionalism in which it is known.


Course of study is essentially focusing on practical training of professionals with theoretical background, rich cultural and artistic alongside the instruments and high technical skills.


The school offers its students the latest equipment for shooting and editing throughout the year in high availability. School four major sub-disciplines: TV area, plot area, area of documentary and animation field. Each student writes shoots and directs by himself at least four shor films, three documentaries and two television production in Multi Camera studio.


Our students are mostly residents of the Galilee, Jews and Arabs alike that their contribution to the development of industry and services in the city and in the surrounding countryside very significant.

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